Jews of…

Those of you in know me at least reasonably well are familiar with my status as a proud Irish (and non practicing) Jew. That is, Jewish from Ireland, not by marriage. The history of the Irish Jews is fascinating and complex, and one with personal attachment (father from Dublin, I attended high school there). And I’m not talking about Leopold Bloom.

When I travel to Dublin in October I will spend more time at the Irish Jewish Museum. A few nuggets that will be sure to pique your interest, regardless of religion: did you know the Jews played a critical role in Irish independence form England in 1920 by procuring weapons for the IRA? Or that Israel’s former president, Chaim Herzog, was Irish? Or the father/son Jewish mayoralty that governed Dublin and served in the Irish parliament?

But to the general topic… As a cultural (non practicing) Jew, it is fascinating to read about Jews living in some of the most unlikely of places— the Ethiopian Jews have been widely written about, but the Jews of IndiaShanghaiIran, and even Iceland don’t get a lot of attention.

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