Sardinian Flags

When i first saw the Sardinian flag I thought it was a tutorial for a Windsor knot or something similar, but of course that makes no sense. So I look closer and realize it is four images of the same stylized black person facing right with a white bandana around the forehead and an earring. A George’s Cross divides the flag into four equally-sized sections.

But it wasn’t always like that. Until 1999 the four profiles (arguably four Moors, or four princes, each whom ruled a Sardinian province) faced left with a bandana around the eyes, as in blindfolded before they were beheaded; a not so subtle message to would-be invaders!

There’s a fair amount of debate about this–when the profiles were flipped, is it racist, racist against whom, etc…

When it doesn’t make sense, it’s likely Italian. I mean, going from a racist image to a meaningless one makes as much sense as the Washington Redskins changing their team name and logo to the Washington Taupeskins.

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