Ars Eletronica countdown has begun!

I’m really excited to be be here. While I’ve met many people who have heard of the festival, I haven’t met anybody who has attended. A bit odd, but hopefully not foreboding.

Ars is described as a digital art festival. Seems a bit Burning Man, a lot MIT Media Lab, a dash PS1. It’s the first time in a while I genuinely feel in the moment, ready to learn, meet, have fun and expand my mind, A few of the events/sessions that look most exciting (but hard to choose!):

  • Opening Party – Of course! Outdoor exhibit with luminous interactive media is always a winner!
  • Tourism and the Creative Economy Think about it in a new way, a la Richard Florida.
  • ZietRaum –  Interactive wall that “interprets arriving and departing flights in real time. It consists of several individual stations that accompany passengers on the way to their gate.” Could be creepy/terrifying or a new way to think about waiting!
  • tour en l’air –  Sounds like fashion and art will be brought to life via machines!

And read about Austria’s largest church being transformed into a festival backdrop!

If you are in Linz, let me know—if you are not, I hope you will come next year!

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