Disturbing Entertainment Update: Berlin

I’m not sure what makes this so absurd, but it was certainly surreal to me The scene: Berlin (no, not Munich): Alexanderplatz during Oktoberfest, 2014. I walk by a beer tent and see this kiddie pool thing. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble comes to mind about now. There is a young girl inside this large sheet of plastic and her father appears to be participating:

Stranger yet, a leaf blower is shoved into the plastic sheet, the seam is zipped closed, and the plastic sheet, apparently a sphere, begins to inflate with the young girl inside:

It may not be obvious, but this young girl has her hands on her ears, ostensibly because of the noise from the leaf blower.

In this final shot, the young girl appears to oblivious to the ridiculousness of what transpires around her. Her naive joy in frolicking in the inflated sphere in a pool threw me off base for a few minutes!

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