Found it: Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Euro-companion!

Well I wasn’t exactly looking for it, but some of the best things come when we don’t expect them…like the Designpanoptikum in Berlin. I explain this museum sort of like I explain the MJT in Los Angeles–the fewer the words, the better.

Curator/owner Vlad Korneev is a photographer and began to collect unusual industrial artifacts that share a few things in common: the youngest object is probably from the 1970s, most are in disuse and serve no useful commercial purpose today and most have gone through a sort of DNA recombination. What you end up seeing are objects removed from their context, often reassociated with something that makes you say “WTF.”


 Vlad giving me an intro to his House of Industrial Strangeness.


 An iron lung. Using post-war German technology (and maybe some parts, hence the limeish green).


Always seems strange to have use of complicated industrial equipment reduced to a plain-English set of instructions that is about the length of two typewritten pages!


Love the matter of fact On or Off switch! 


I believe an interwar telephone with a bunch of I-don’t-know-what other wayward industrial tools.

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