Khukri XXX Rum

Last night we stayed at the Magnificent Hotel (“with good view”) in Tarapani. This guest house is about as spartan (or “simple” according to Krishna) as you can get. The paper thin walls, only somewhat protecting you from the wind, are standard, but the frozen pipes killing any chance of a hot shower were a bummer.

After being introduced to Khukri XXX Rum (Nepal’s finest!) the day before, Krishna and I took a stroll to track down some more. Ate some dried buffalo with some kind of hot sauce with our first bottle and took one back to the Magnificent. Hot chocolate and rum (aka XXX and chocolate) and my explanation of professional wrestling on television lasted until about 8PM when I scurried upstairs and into my sleeping bag.

The next morning I woke at 6 to see another sunrise. This one only involved getting out of bed (since I was already dressed, thanks to the subzero weather) and going outside. Did some more playing around with time lapse on my camera and also posted some here for the viewers at home.

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