The day after Chommrong we trekked a whole 90 minutes by descending about 1000m into the ever so quaint village of Jhinnu. Relaxed for a few hours then got some energy (and beer) and scurried off to nearby hot springs nestled against the Modi Khola river.

I’m a big fan of the banya (and all its cultural equivalents), so when Krishna suggested we take a dip in the river to cool off, I couldn’t resist. Three cool-downs later, my hands and feet must have seen every blood vessel in my body pass by. After watching a terrible version of India’s Most Wanted, I slept like a baby.

Next day we trekked through Landruk (1645m), Tolka (1859m), lunch on Durali Pass, Pothana and slept at at guest house in Dhampus (1800m). Much of this trek was hugging terraced fields, some green with wheat, some yellow with mustard and some barren or in between growing seasons. In the skies we saw ravens and eagles and on the trees monkeys, monkeys and monkeys.

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