Crowdsource my MRI?

Curently in heaps of pain due to intense nerve pain down my left leg. Because I’m out of network (currently in NYC, of course health insurance is useless if you travel) and have been trying to hack my way to health—already saved $1,000 by going to a cut-rate MRI facility in Astoria. Next up is to evaluate my pics. I’m familiar with what many of you will say, but for those who are interested/curious *and* have some med tech experience, you might be able to help. Who says only one neurologist should look at my pics? I say let’s bring Wisdom of the Crowds to my health.

If you are so moved (as of course I hope you are), you can review five low-res QT files of my lumbar spine. I can provide source images (using OsiriX, K-PACS, etc…), my detailed medical history, etc if of use.

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