I’m in Pain

After spending the past seven days on my back, I’m thrilled to say my nerve pain has decreased from “unimaginable” to “excruciating” and is now verging on “incredibly painful.” So that’s progress…

I’ve spent some time thinking about pain scales as my (dis)comfort level has been the main topic of conversation. The Wong-Baker is a very common ten point scale that was initially developed for children, but has become broadly adopted. Given that most (all?) pain is subjective, I don’t understand why there is any clinical debate, but I digress.

The Wong Baker pain scale can be commercially licensed and they hold a trademark. The six faces, in various states of smile-ness, seem to be the intellectual property being licensed. There doesn’t appear to be any upkeep/maintenance or ongoing work to support the foundation, so it isn’t clear what the foundation does apart from generate licensing revenues and pay themselves/others modest fees.

This of course made me think of the SmileyWorld trademark dispute which remains under seal ;(

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