REWIND: To the North (of Ireland)!

When I went to high school in Dublin in the late 80s, the Troubles were synonymous with the North–neither were discussed, and a trip to depressed Belfast and its environs were never a question. Fast forward 25+ years, a reconciliation, several recessions, maturation of the EU and voila– a region waiting to be visited!

Spent a weekend with the Old Man, including time in Belfast (Van Morrison was playing at the Europa in a surprise performance, but couldn’t attend), stayed in a castle, explored the Giant’s Causeway and more, all whilst cruising along the Coastal Causeway.

Because I’ve been to busy/lazy(?) to update until now, I’ve forgotten some details, but hope you find these images interesting!

In Belfast we took a Black Taxi Tour, by far the most interesting tour I’ve taken in a long time. I can’t say enough about this tour and the history of the conflict. It’s still a delicate peace and there are constant reminders of the past, including the recent death of Ian Paisley and election of Gerry Adams to the Irish Dail (parliament) and leader of the opposition Sinn Fein party. This latter point is significant as the current government in Dublin isn’t especially loved by voters.


The triumvirate: father, son and Black Cab tour guide.



A few Republican murals on Falls Road. Each tells a story about an element of the conflict in Northern Ireland or draws parallels to international conflicts.


Little known fact about the DeLorean– it was manufactured in Belfast!


From the back of said black cab!


The Crown Liquor Saloon (with saturation filter) in Belfast is noted for extensive use of polychromatic tile, stained glass and woodwork. In other words, Go Here.



Next up was a stop at the Giant’s Causeway, a geologic formation of about 40,000 hexagonal bassalt columns.


Apparently it’s a thing to jam coins into cracks in the rock at the Giant’s Causeway. I liked the texture of the weathered and assaulted coins.

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