Talkin’ Geo

Thanks to James Fee for the reboot of Hangouts with James Fee, a geo-centric podcast. The backstory to this goes back close to ten years when Steve Coast started This Week In Maps, a sort of weekly roundtable recorded call (pre podcast, via Skype!) of some ole grumpies (Marc Prioleau Di-Ann Eisnor, Steve and James) talking geo. We’d invite some notables in geo and then I’d proceed to make the kind guests regret their participation.

A few years later James started Hangouts, with a one-on-one format. That died a slow death (as did Google Hangouts), but now we’re back and I joined him in the premier episode, available now for streaming or download!

Among the new (and hopefully recurring segments):

  • Whither the Shapefile!?
  • The Georatti: Where Are They Now?
  • AdTech Discovers Location

For those of you in the know, you’ll enjoy. For those of you not yet in the know, be forewarned!


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