Podcasts We Love!

The golden age of radio is upon us (again), this time with fantastic production value and oh so much choice. My top ten below for those who put a premium on commute time. Not an easy list to rank! The folks at Radiotopia are doing a bang-up job and seems like they are just getting started.

  1. Le Show – Le ultimate in political satire. Harry Shearer has been doing this since 1983! Favorite skits include The Appresidentice, Bad Banks, News of the Olympic Movement, Clintonsomethings and Karzai Talk.
  2. On The Media – Hosted by the incomparable Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield since 2001, it’s the media holding a mirror to itself with focus on First Amendment, privacy and changing norms. A lefty bent, but by being critical of media at large, everybody is a target. Incisive commentary and always relevant.
  3. The Allusionist – For any and all who admire a cunning linguist. Even the sponsorship/ads are wonderfully interwoven with etymological lore. Lexicon Valley used to be in the #3 slot, but when the dynamite/potty-mouthed Bob Garfield never returned from a 2016 summer hiatus I dropped Lexicon Valley.
  4. 99% Invisible – It’s fair to say that geneticist/host Roman Mars (re) started it all. About the hidden side(s) of design.
  5. Theory of Everything – Imagine if Jacques Derrida hosted a podcast. This might be it. Just listen.
  6. Data Skeptic – Imagine if a very patient and didactic data scientist wanted to explain statistical theory, machine learning and a few dashes of skepticism to his very non-technical wife. Several times per month. There you have it.
  7. Criminal – All about crime from the perspective of people who perpetrate them, unwittingly caught up in them and everything in between.
  8. Radiolab – Since 2002. How can you describe it? The intersection of science and philosophy, designed to be accessible.
  9. To the Best of Our Knowledge – Takes a broad topic, like anger, and dissects it from multiple angles. Something about the soothing tone of the host’s voice makes me want to cuddle with my speaker.
  10. Imaginary Worlds – Sci fi, fantasy explored in a thoughtful and considered manner. Plus, I think the host is my age and grew up in a neighboring town, so I feel a sort of kinship.

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