“Succulent” Tuna Fish

Simple project Number Two entailed refashioning empty tins of tuna for the beta version below. After pushing this to prod I immediately realized how to improve. After the pic for the step-by-step caption-driven DIY tutorial!


What to do with tinned fish containers apart from toss in the recycle bin? Why, use as a foundation for an urban garden, of course! To create this double-decker hanging planter I used the following:

  • Two succulents with appropriate soil
  • Two tins of cleaned tuna, sardines, etc…
  • Twine
  • Hook
  • One coat hanger
  • Spray paint
  • Tweezers
  • Knife


I think I’ll end up redoing this project, and it would be nice to use some prettier twine. Maybe I’ll use the industrial-sized tuna fish tins next time!

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