To the Namib!

After an exhilarating summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (more on that later), I took a one day Safari at Tarengerie National Park near Moshi (more, later), then zipped to Zanzibar for a few days (more, later) to rest my achy bones.

On Dec 28 I flew across Africa to Walvis Bay in Nambia to meet up with friends. Bandwidth and time to post is relatively scarce here, so some out-of-sequence shots from the past few days in Namibia.

We spent the past few days in Swakopmund, up the Skeleton Coast to see some shipwrecks and seals, over to Sossuvlei for mind blowing sand dunes (yes, The Cell was partially shot here), spent New Years under a near full moon, got up the next morning at 4am for a balloon ride and then drove to Windhoek via Solitaire in preparation for a few days seeing big game at Etosha National Park.

On the way to Big Daddy dune in the Sossusvlei
Your author, displaying a oneness with nature
Long exposure at Moon Mountain Lodge
I wish I could say my photog skills are the reason, but the contrast of sky and iron-rich sand allow anyone to be a photographer here.
In the Deadvlei; the trees are likely acacias.
Final boarding call for sunrise hot air balloon trip
Walking to the top of Big Daddy (or Big Mamma?).
Sunrise in a balloon, elevation about 30m
Early morning over Solitaire
More early morning over Solitaire
The balloon team embracing the leave no trace philosophy!
Strange outpost town with an interesting backstory!

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