I’m a bit of an accidental entrepreneur–out of adversity I founded Urban Mapping, which went through several distinct phases: first the Panamap, a physical map with a unique printing technology, then data licensing of neighborhood boundaries and aggregated public transit data and finally a web-based mapping platform with integrated data serving enterprise customers.

Customers included Tableau Software, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Kayak, IAC and CoStar Group. In early 2015 I sold the company to Pitney Bowes and returned to NYC and took a senior product role at a startup that acted as outsourced research for the financial services industry, focusing on alternative data to generate alpha for hedge funds.

In September 2016 I left Thasos to further explore interest in derivative uses of data, generally falling into the domain of an emergent “data supply chain.” I have endured many an odd look when saying “one person’s metadata is another’s data” beginning circa 2009. Thankfully the comment is now more often greeted with a smile or laugh.

In April 2017 I started a part time advisory role with Booz Allen Hamilton as entrepreneur-in-residence. It is a term-defined role that allows me to peer inside their vast consulting business ($5B+ revs in 2016) and help connect dots and create new ones.

I advise several startups, including Leviathan Analytics and Adventice Inc. I am exploring new opportunities–possibly start something new or join an existing team. Until then I like to get my hands dirty and learn via consulting or other approaches.

More about my background is on LinkedIn and I occasionally blog on themes relating to data, the whimsical and occasional adventure travel at Post-employment.com. I has an MBA from Babson College, BA from McGill University and attended high school in Ireland and France. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY.