Kilimanjaro Trekking Hacks/Tips

A few infobits that might be useful for those researching a trip to Kili. I didn’t want to rehash what others have written, but with no shortage of info online, you should be able to fill in gaps. Operator – I’m a fan of supporting the local economy as much as is reasonable. Booking a … Continue reading Kilimanjaro Trekking Hacks/Tips

To the Namib!

After an exhilarating summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (more on that later), I took a one day Safari at Tarengerie National Park near Moshi (more, later), then zipped to Zanzibar for a few days (more, later) to rest my achy bones. On Dec 28 I flew across Africa to Walvis Bay in Nambia to meet up … Continue reading To the Namib!

The Ceiling of Africa, done!

If you have a short attention span, skip to the real action below! Otherwise, some geological foreplay. I was on an 8 day Lemosho trek. The daily distance wasnt tremendous, but this also ensured proper acclimatization. When I woke up at Karanga on day four and opened my tent, BAM--- Kili staring me down, so … Continue reading The Ceiling of Africa, done!

Barranco Camp (3960m) Disco Tent

I haven't gotten details, but apparently this thing is big enough to stand in, which means it is big enough to dance in. 

Back on the trail

It's been a while, but I'm back on the road before I dig into my next venture (more about that another time). This trip is of the closed-ended variety: Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Namibia for about a month. First stop is Kili, where I'm trekking the 8 day Lemosho route. After a few sub-4,000 meter treks, … Continue reading Back on the trail

REWIND: To the North (of Ireland)!

When I went to high school in Dublin in the late 80s, the Troubles were synonymous with the North–neither were discussed, and a trip to depressed Belfast and its environs were never a question. Fast forward 25+ years, a reconciliation, several recessions, maturation of the EU and voila– a region waiting to be visited! Spent … Continue reading REWIND: To the North (of Ireland)!

Rewind: Nepal!

Rewind: Nepal! One of my most memorable experiences trekking in Nepal had nothing to do with the indescribable views, the warmth of the Nepalese or spending time with Krishna, my trusted guide. It was descending/ascending into villages. It was the (mostly) blue and yellow signs that did it for me, announcing arrival to a village. … Continue reading Rewind: Nepal!

Digital Nomading: what you need to go

Living out of a backpack for six months can teach you a lot. The most important thing I realized was that none of the shit on your back matters. The only thing that does is your not-yet-uploaded SD card. It’s liberating to recognize this and it changed my mindset. It means that everything in your … Continue reading Digital Nomading: what you need to go

It’s A Wrap!

It’s a wrap. Six months and change on the road and I’m back in San Francisco to work on Ian 2.0, but I won’t be diving in head first–will be doing some (more) traveling, but I think nothing as exotic or long. There’s a lot more I wanted to post, so I’ll do a few … Continue reading It’s A Wrap!

Geotagging Photos

A few months ago I was considering a upgrade from my trusty Lumix and was interested in SLRs/pro-compact camera with GPS, but strangely it’s a feature that is extremely uncommon, which I find really odd. I’ve been using the EyeFi SD card, but that ended up being fairly lame and useless for reasons I’ll write … Continue reading Geotagging Photos

Nepal trekking — last stop!

The final day… we trekked along the ridgeline to Sarankot, stopping at a few old temples and largely stumbling all the way. The thought of a ‘real’ hotel in Pokhra had overtaken me and I just wanted to do something other than trekking for a few days. I think this is partially due to the … Continue reading Nepal trekking — last stop!

Dal baht power, 24 hour

For those of you who understand, laugh heartily (or heartly as they say in Nepal); for those of you who do not, I await your belly laugh after your first trip here!


The day after Chommrong we trekked a whole 90 minutes by descending about 1000m into the ever so quaint village of Jhinnu. Relaxed for a few hours then got some energy (and beer) and scurried off to nearby hot springs nestled against the Modi Khola river. I’m a big fan of the banya (and all … Continue reading Post-Chommrong

The Most Exhausting Day of Trekking

Most exhausting day thus far. As i got up for sunrise (a few pics here) noticed snow in my room- no big deal considering there was no heating! We were delayed leaving ABC on account of snow last night- the “trail” was washed out and we decided to ride the wake of a Korean trekking … Continue reading The Most Exhausting Day of Trekking


It is 14h and we’re 4210m above sea level at the Annapurna Base Camp. And it’s about -10C, but who really knows. Too cold for the pipes to work, so unfortunately no shower today. But I digress… Since my last installment in Chommrong (1950m) we trekked through Sinuwa (2340m) and stayed in Bamboo (2190m). I … Continue reading At ABC

Morning Views

Morning views from Fishtail Guest House in Chhomrong. Krishna tells me no more rum for the next few days as we’ll be ascending to Annapurna Base Camp. Expected five hour trekking across the mountainside through terraced fields, then head up the canyon and into lots more snow. We stay this evening in Bamboo. I’m always … Continue reading Morning Views

Khukri XXX Rum

Last night we stayed at the Magnificent Hotel (“with good view”) in Tarapani. This guest house is about as spartan (or “simple” according to Krishna) as you can get. The paper thin walls, only somewhat protecting you from the wind, are standard, but the frozen pipes killing any chance of a hot shower were a … Continue reading Khukri XXX Rum