“Succulent” Tuna Fish

Simple project Number Two entailed refashioning empty tins of tuna for the beta version below. After pushing this to prod I immediately realized how to improve. After the pic for the step-by-step caption-driven DIY tutorial! What to do with tinned fish containers apart from toss in the recycle bin? Why, use as a foundation for … Continue reading “Succulent” Tuna Fish

Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

I recently moved into my new apartment in Bed Stuy and instantly knew how to transform an ugly, unusable fire escape into something playful, functional and maybe even a bit ironic. My skills in craftiness are more conceptual, but this was pretty straightforward and results were as I expected/hoped. You'll need a tape measure, utility knife or … Continue reading Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

Podcasts We Love!

The golden age of radio is upon us (again), this time with fantastic production value and oh so much choice. My top ten below for those who put a premium on commute time. Not an easy list to rank! The folks at Radiotopia are doing a bang-up job and seems like they are just getting started. Le … Continue reading Podcasts We Love!

RFF: Quantifying Municipal Growth

I’ve been pursuing several ideas as an independent researcher– some scratch an intellectual itch and others have the makings of new opportunities that require further exploration before they can be commercialized. I call this a request for feedback (RFF). Part of the exploration is throwing ideas onto the Internet and see what comes back, so … Continue reading RFF: Quantifying Municipal Growth

Can Silicon Valley Try Life in the Present, for a Minute?

Perhaps more accurately this should be titled “My Problem with Silicon Valley,” but I have a hunch I am not the only one who feels the region has become a caricature of itself, which is I suspect why many of us love the HBO series Silicon Valley– not because it’s funny, but because it’s eerily … Continue reading Can Silicon Valley Try Life in the Present, for a Minute?

You Don’t Always Get What You (Pre) Pay For

I was excited to back a Kickstarter project for an IoT enabled sensor lasts Spring. It arrived last month, seemed a little buggy (ok, a lot buggy), so I decided to give it a rest. Never got back to it, but today I received email from the manufacturer this morning indicating significantly degraded capabilities. I’m … Continue reading You Don’t Always Get What You (Pre) Pay For

What’s in Your Network?

If you care about actively managing your career, you are on LinkedIn. With user growth from around 50,000 in 2003 to nearly 400 million today, chances are everybody you know has an account. Therein lies the problem, or so I posit. Absent a strong affinity, as networks grow, engagement falls. Basically, the network is exciting/compelling … Continue reading What’s in Your Network?

Health Care Rage, Continued!

As a follow-up to my previous post, I’m thankfully doing much better. Still weak in one leg, but largely on the mend. But wish the same were true for my anger at the nearly twenty percent of GDP that is sucked into space.Because this happened to me out of network, I was not eligible for any … Continue reading Health Care Rage, Continued!

Healthcare rage/frustration

I’m certainly not the first person to complain about the dysfunctional nature of healthcare in the US, but with a recent health issue, I’m that much closer to the source of my near-rage.I have an HMO plan in Northern California; Kaiser is highly-rated for quality of care, and of course trade-offs are inherent when choosing … Continue reading Healthcare rage/frustration

I’m in Pain

After spending the past seven days on my back, I’m thrilled to say my nerve pain has decreased from “unimaginable” to “excruciating” and is now verging on “incredibly painful.” So that’s progress…I’ve spent some time thinking about pain scales as my (dis)comfort level has been the main topic of conversation. The Wong-Baker is a very common ten point … Continue reading I’m in Pain

Crowdsource my MRI?

Curently in heaps of pain due to intense nerve pain down my left leg. Because I’m out of network (currently in NYC, of course health insurance is useless if you travel) and have been trying to hack my way to health—already saved $1,000 by going to a cut-rate MRI facility in Astoria. Next up is … Continue reading Crowdsource my MRI?

UN of Chips

The United Nations of chips. The delegation of Wish-Bone salad dressings (Thousand Islands, Russian, French, Italian, etc) eagerly await your arrival.

Tumblr ideas

Over the past six (!) months I’ve seen a lot of stuff– absurdity, empathy, skepticism, hope, pride, longing, and most importantly…more absurdity. The problem with absurdity is once you reach saturation you stop appreciating the pure wackiness of it all. With that in mind, I propose two Tumblr ideas for those with the most time … Continue reading Tumblr ideas

Jews of…

Those of you in know me at least reasonably well are familiar with my status as a proud Irish (and non practicing) Jew. That is, Jewish from Ireland, not by marriage. The history of the Irish Jews is fascinating and complex, and one with personal attachment (father from Dublin, I attended high school there). And I’m not … Continue reading Jews of…