Projects and Ideas

Since selling Urban Mapping in 2015, I have bounced around, poked at new ideas and explored a few opportunities. The time spent picking apart, researching and diving into ‘the next thing’ makes me realize more than ever that ideas are a dime a dozen, great ideas are a hundred dollars a dozen and execution is priceless. Aphorisms aside, I thought it would be helpful for me, and (hopefully) instructive for the reader to understand my process/journey in identifying, exploring and vetting new business ideas.

From roughly November 2016 through June 2017 I poked at a few ideas, each outlined below. While I (naturally) believe they are all great opportunities, my gut told me getting any of these (further) off the ground wasn’t where I wanted to spend my time.

Cloud Computing Calculator Leadgen for cloud infrastructure

Quantifying Municipal Growth Do cities grow predictably? The Santa Fe Institute got me thinking about this one.

Ground Truth AggregationMachine learning needs to learn from somewhere

Exogenous Event Database – How to explain anomalous behavior in geo-temporal data

Air Rights – Automate research and create a trading platform for highly opaque and high transaction-cost asset category