Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

I recently moved into my new apartment in Bed Stuy and instantly knew how to transform an ugly, unusable fire escape into something playful, functional and maybe even a bit ironic. My skills in craftiness are more conceptual, but this was pretty straightforward and results were as I expected/hoped. You'll need a tape measure, utility knife or … Continue reading Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

Danger with Spray Paint

Took a walking tour to get some background about graffiti in Berlin. We spent some time in a studio making our own stencils and art. I’m far from being a pro with a paint can, but did make the neo/retro/flowery Robocop. Others are pics from our instructor/graffiti artist in residence.

More street art/graffiti

Lots of incredible street art/graffiti (NB they are not the same!) in Berlin. Rather than describe everything, have a look and let me know which you like and why! Each has a story. More to come!

Rewind: More from Ars Electronica–wearable hardware

Caught a session on the last day and I neglected (!) to post about it. Afroditi Psarra spoke about her “handcrafted future” project, a collection of textile and hardware hacking. Here’s a new spin on the old Roland TR-909 synth:  A pic from a live performance: and the NoisePad, the *very* softest piece of hardware you will … Continue reading Rewind: More from Ars Electronica–wearable hardware

Art as Provocation

I saw one piece that really made my eyes roll. But it won a Golden Nica, so clearly I’m missing something. Paolo Cirio’s Loophole for All clearly resonated with the judges. He scraped the corporation registry for the Caymen Islands to obtain names and tax IDs of all entities registered there. You can then “hijack” a company, … Continue reading Art as Provocation

Ars Electronica Recap

It’s always hard to write a collective summary of an event that involved thousands of people, hundreds of sessions and multiple venues over several days, and Ars was no different. That’s probably why I have a problem with the theme “…what it takes to change.” Just seems like a bit of a cop-out as people … Continue reading Ars Electronica Recap

Retro video

A sort-of video game retrospective was fun for all and made me think of the countless hours I spent watching big blocky pixels move across the screen.

Weird & Inspiring at Ars Electronica!

A few conceptual pieces made me smile. Below is a pic of me with Touchy from Eric Siu. The idea is to ‘force’ meaningful human interaction by making Eric’s shutters/eyes open…and it works! But not saying it’s practical, but that isn’t the point with the project. Those who know me understand the soft spot I have for lenticular. This … Continue reading Weird & Inspiring at Ars Electronica!

Performance art?

For those of you who are so inclined, click on through and watch performance art which is clearly above my pay grade. But It might make sense if you German speakers lend a hand with mantra translation (Source: