Misc Bali Pics

Guess submerging my Mac in rice did the trick to remove moisture (although not recommended!). A few misc pics from my one month in Bali. Every story tells a story, and there are many more!

Unanticipated technical issues

Soon after arriving in Bali my MacBook Air died. That makes it really hard for me to post more pretty pics with my Lumix. The camera phone does not really cut it, but I shall endeavor to do my best. Thank you for reading!

Raging Heart

Just a taste of the romance section at from the bookstore in Lovina, Bali. I think these covers could be from 2014 or 1974; not much evolution to the cover art oeuvre.

Monkey time

Can monkey cuteness exist on the internet? These highlights are from the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali. These cheeky guys/girls were as precocious as you’d expect them to be!

Ducks viewed from the porch, ready to jump into rice paddies (or patties?). After harvesting rice, ducks are brought into get the fields in tip-top shape.