Danger with Spray Paint

Took a walking tour to get some background about graffiti in Berlin. We spent some time in a studio making our own stencils and art. I’m far from being a pro with a paint can, but did make the neo/retro/flowery Robocop. Others are pics from our instructor/graffiti artist in residence.

More street art/graffiti

Lots of incredible street art/graffiti (NB they are not the same!) in Berlin. Rather than describe everything, have a look and let me know which you like and why! Each has a story. More to come!

Found it: Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Euro-companion!

Well I wasn’t exactly looking for it, but some of the best things come when we don’t expect them…like the Designpanoptikum in Berlin. I explain this museum sort of like I explain the MJT in Los Angeles–the fewer the words, the better. Curator/owner Vlad Korneev is a photographer and began to collect unusual industrial artifacts that share a few things … Continue reading Found it: Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Euro-companion!

Disturbing Entertainment Update: Berlin

I’m not sure what makes this so absurd, but it was certainly surreal to me The scene: Berlin (no, not Munich): Alexanderplatz during Oktoberfest, 2014. I walk by a beer tent and see this kiddie pool thing. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble comes to mind about now. There is a young girl inside this large sheet … Continue reading Disturbing Entertainment Update: Berlin