“Succulent” Tuna Fish

Simple project Number Two entailed refashioning empty tins of tuna for the beta version below. After pushing this to prod I immediately realized how to improve. After the pic for the step-by-step caption-driven DIY tutorial! What to do with tinned fish containers apart from toss in the recycle bin? Why, use as a foundation for … Continue reading “Succulent” Tuna Fish

Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

I recently moved into my new apartment in Bed Stuy and instantly knew how to transform an ugly, unusable fire escape into something playful, functional and maybe even a bit ironic. My skills in craftiness are more conceptual, but this was pretty straightforward and results were as I expected/hoped. You'll need a tape measure, utility knife or … Continue reading Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’