Dal baht power, 24 hour

For those of you who understand, laugh heartily (or heartly as they say in Nepal); for those of you who do not, I await your belly laugh after your first trip here!

UN of Chips

The United Nations of chips. The delegation of Wish-Bone salad dressings (Thousand Islands, Russian, French, Italian, etc) eagerly await your arrival.

FOOD ALERT: Francesinha

Tonight in Porto I participated in a sort of culinary mysticism. Something that rarely happens–the moment you’ve found something that is so different, yet so familiar. So sublime…For dinner it ended up being that veritable Portugese sandwich of goodness, a reinterpreted croque-monsieur. FTLOP has a great write up of the francesinha, but I prefer to … Continue reading FOOD ALERT: Francesinha

Performance Art Mystery SOLVED

For all one (or two) of you who were wondering, today I met the venerable man behind the food (see previous posts) and all has been revealed. The repeating mantra was  effektivität ist besser als effizienz or effectiveness is better than efficiency Talking with the artist’s performance avatar, Georgie Gold, all was revealed. The artist … Continue reading Performance Art Mystery SOLVED

Croatian fish stew

Get your gregada (Croatian fish stew)! Sea bream, sea bass, other misc white fish, onion, garlic, potato, white wine, parsley, salt/pepper. Not sure if it only tastes better because I am in Hvar or if it *is* better in Hvar

Hobotnica ispod peke is served

Dinner out near Viz, Croatia (near Hvar). Hobotnica ispod peke, or octopus cooked under a bell. Restau produces its own wines. After and before pics.