Talkin’ Geo

Thanks to James Fee for the reboot of Hangouts with James Fee, a geo-centric podcast. The backstory to this goes back close to ten years when Steve Coast started This Week In Maps, a sort of weekly roundtable recorded call (pre podcast, via Skype!) of some ole grumpies (Marc Prioleau Di-Ann Eisnor, Steve and James) … Continue reading Talkin’ Geo

The Long and Short of Geo (Part 1)

In my 10+ years growing Urban Mapping, the web-mapping business I started in 2005, I've seen history repeat itself. A lot. As a self-proclaimed member of the georatti, this current wave of geotech euphoria is nothing new, but product and corporate development tend to go through the same cycles over and over again, choosing to … Continue reading The Long and Short of Geo (Part 1)