Health Care Rage, Continued!

As a follow-up to my previous post, I’m thankfully doing much better. Still weak in one leg, but largely on the mend. But wish the same were true for my anger at the nearly twenty percent of GDP that is sucked into space.Because this happened to me out of network, I was not eligible for any … Continue reading Health Care Rage, Continued!

Healthcare rage/frustration

I’m certainly not the first person to complain about the dysfunctional nature of healthcare in the US, but with a recent health issue, I’m that much closer to the source of my near-rage.I have an HMO plan in Northern California; Kaiser is highly-rated for quality of care, and of course trade-offs are inherent when choosing … Continue reading Healthcare rage/frustration

I’m in Pain

After spending the past seven days on my back, I’m thrilled to say my nerve pain has decreased from “unimaginable” to “excruciating” and is now verging on “incredibly painful.” So that’s progress…I’ve spent some time thinking about pain scales as my (dis)comfort level has been the main topic of conversation. The Wong-Baker is a very common ten point … Continue reading I’m in Pain

Crowdsource my MRI?

Curently in heaps of pain due to intense nerve pain down my left leg. Because I’m out of network (currently in NYC, of course health insurance is useless if you travel) and have been trying to hack my way to health—already saved $1,000 by going to a cut-rate MRI facility in Astoria. Next up is … Continue reading Crowdsource my MRI?