Kilimanjaro Trekking Hacks/Tips

A few infobits that might be useful for those researching a trip to Kili. I didn’t want to rehash what others have written, but with no shortage of info online, you should be able to fill in gaps. Operator – I’m a fan of supporting the local economy as much as is reasonable. Booking a … Continue reading Kilimanjaro Trekking Hacks/Tips

The Ceiling of Africa, done!

If you have a short attention span, skip to the real action below! Otherwise, some geological foreplay. I was on an 8 day Lemosho trek. The daily distance wasnt tremendous, but this also ensured proper acclimatization. When I woke up at Karanga on day four and opened my tent, BAM--- Kili staring me down, so … Continue reading The Ceiling of Africa, done!

Barranco Camp (3960m) Disco Tent

I haven't gotten details, but apparently this thing is big enough to stand in, which means it is big enough to dance in. 

Trekking in Iceland

I took a four-day trek in the south of Iceland. This area is known as the Highlands and is characterized by volcanic deserts, black soil and lava fields. There isn’t much plant life except nearby rivers/runoff from glaciers, the result of which is mind blowing green in the desert. The tundra is unlike anything I’ve … Continue reading Trekking in Iceland