Iceland Startups and Mapping

While in Iceland I dropped by Startup Reykjavik for an informal meet and greet with the current crop of companies being incubated/accelerated. I also paid a visit to the Land Survey of Iceland to chat about mapping and related spatial data issues. Startup Reykjavik is the brainchild of Balla Kamallakharan, whom I coincidentally met in San Francisco earlier … Continue reading Iceland Startups and Mapping

Trekking in Iceland

I took a four-day trek in the south of Iceland. This area is known as the Highlands and is characterized by volcanic deserts, black soil and lava fields. There isn’t much plant life except nearby rivers/runoff from glaciers, the result of which is mind blowing green in the desert. The tundra is unlike anything I’ve … Continue reading Trekking in Iceland

Vintage car nite

“Vintage” car rally/cruising nite on main shopping spree in Reykjavik. I wouldn’t call Chrysler LeBarons, Town Cars, Dodge Chargers, Trans Ams, early 90 Mustangs, etc classic cars in a traditional sense but still fun to see the enjoyment people take in seeing Bronco on parade.