Surf Summit Recap

As the Web Summit ended, about 200 of us got on busses for Westport, Co Mayo, a cozy town on the West coast in throwing distance of adventure sports and outdoor activities. On the docket were a few talks by various professional surfers, politicians (the Taoiseach himself!), lots of drink, meeting new people, hiking, and of … Continue reading Surf Summit Recap

Web Summit Recap

Spent the last week talking startups, entrepreneurship, tech and Guinness in Dublin this past week. The 4th annual Web Summit attracted some 22,000 people, and while it was overall a great event, the sheer size and lack of planning experience led to a few major kinks with the event. Ditto with the weekend after-party, aka … Continue reading Web Summit Recap

Postcode Blues

Get ready for change in postal delivery in mid-2015 in Ireland!! How can a country live without a postal code system, you ask? The US didn’t have a nationwide program until the early 1960s and change is a hard thing to achieve in government. Ireland is the last of the OECD countries to get a … Continue reading Postcode Blues