None more perfect

The ‘problem’ with traveling to exotic locales and seeing things like picture-perfect beaches is that photos rarely do them justice. So I won’t play that game. It’s elite protest time! I mean, the difference between the blue sky and turquoise/marine/clear water is only a matter of hue, so rather than misrepresent, let your imagination figure … Continue reading None more perfect

Sardinian Flags

When i first saw the Sardinian flag I thought it was a tutorial for a Windsor knot or something similar, but of course that makes no sense. So I look closer and realize it is four images of the same stylized black person facing right with a white bandana around the forehead and an earring. … Continue reading Sardinian Flags

Sailing near Alghero

The Andrea Jensen is a Danish fishing boat built in 1939 of oak. Went for a spin today with some other sea-mateys near Alghero.