You Don’t Always Get What You (Pre) Pay For

I was excited to back a Kickstarter project for an IoT enabled sensor lasts Spring. It arrived last month, seemed a little buggy (ok, a lot buggy), so I decided to give it a rest. Never got back to it, but today I received email from the manufacturer this morning indicating significantly degraded capabilities. I’m … Continue reading You Don’t Always Get What You (Pre) Pay For

The Death of Relationships?

This is a strange post to write. It makes me feel old, like that crusty-old attorney who swears he’ll have his secretary print out every email until the end of time. Except now I’m that guy whining. But I digress… Since starting my business close to a decade ago I’ve done dozens of enterprise deals … Continue reading The Death of Relationships?

Iceland Startups and Mapping

While in Iceland I dropped by Startup Reykjavik for an informal meet and greet with the current crop of companies being incubated/accelerated. I also paid a visit to the Land Survey of Iceland to chat about mapping and related spatial data issues. Startup Reykjavik is the brainchild of Balla Kamallakharan, whom I coincidentally met in San Francisco earlier … Continue reading Iceland Startups and Mapping

Time for a Diet

When we think of dieting, it’s usually to combat some short term phenomenon (eg, I want to lose weight). Diets are by definition temporary. Longer term approaches that seek to modify behaviors can be more enduring and pay handsome dividends (increased confidence, lifespan, health, etc…) but they take real commitment. As I think about diets and commitment, … Continue reading Time for a Diet