Tumblr ideas

Over the past six (!) months I’ve seen a lot of stuff– absurdity, empathy, skepticism, hope, pride, longing, and most importantly…more absurdity. The problem with absurdity is once you reach saturation you stop appreciating the pure wackiness of it all. With that in mind, I propose two Tumblr ideas for those with the most time … Continue reading Tumblr ideas

Raging Heart

Just a taste of the romance section at from the bookstore in Lovina, Bali. I think these covers could be from 2014 or 1974; not much evolution to the cover art oeuvre.

Found it: Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Euro-companion!

Well I wasn’t exactly looking for it, but some of the best things come when we don’t expect them…like the Designpanoptikum in Berlin. I explain this museum sort of like I explain the MJT in Los Angeles–the fewer the words, the better. Curator/owner Vlad Korneev is a photographer and began to collect unusual industrial artifacts that share a few things … Continue reading Found it: Museum of Jurassic Technology’s Euro-companion!

Disturbing Entertainment Update: Berlin

I’m not sure what makes this so absurd, but it was certainly surreal to me The scene: Berlin (no, not Munich): Alexanderplatz during Oktoberfest, 2014. I walk by a beer tent and see this kiddie pool thing. The Boy in the Plastic Bubble comes to mind about now. There is a young girl inside this large sheet … Continue reading Disturbing Entertainment Update: Berlin

Performance art?

For those of you who are so inclined, click on through and watch performance art which is clearly above my pay grade. But It might make sense if you German speakers lend a hand with mantra translation (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

WTF was that performance art?

Sometimes I am speechless. Like after witnessing this public art performance. It’s been happening several times a day at Ars and I got to see it this evening. I tried to post these photos in sequence, but it really doesn’t matter. Video coming. The performer is chanting a mantra the entire time he’s stuffing/coating himself. … Continue reading WTF was that performance art?