Tumblr ideas

Over the past six (!) months I’ve seen a lot of stuff– absurdity, empathy, skepticism, hope, pride, longing, and most importantly…more absurdity. The problem with absurdity is once you reach saturation you stop appreciating the pure wackiness of it all.

With that in mind, I propose two Tumblr ideas for those with the most time on their hands. Two real world illustrative examples to get the party started!!

You know, doing shit on your smartphone (whilst enjoying a Western establishment), going to the Polo Store in Bali, seeing Fast and Furious 7 at a Bangkok mall, staying at the Westin in China, using your Verizon “world phone” in Morocco, etc…

I think this one has more mileage to offer. The possibilities are endless–pushing START on a microwave, putting vegetables in boiling water (or simply boiling water), ‘making’ toast, chopping fruit, going to the prepared food counter at Whole Foods, etc…

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