Retro video

A sort-of video game retrospective was fun for all and made me think of the countless hours I spent watching big blocky pixels move across the screen.

WTF was that performance art?

Sometimes I am speechless. Like after witnessing this public art performance. It’s been happening several times a day at Ars and I got to see it this evening. I tried to post these photos in sequence, but it really doesn’t matter. Video coming. The performer is chanting a mantra the entire time he’s stuffing/coating himself. … Continue reading WTF was that performance art?

Ars Eletronica countdown has begun!

I’m really excited to be be here. While I’ve met many people who have heard of the festival, I haven’t met anybody who has attended. A bit odd, but hopefully not foreboding. Ars is described as a digital art festival. Seems a bit Burning Man, a lot MIT Media Lab, a dash PS1. It’s the … Continue reading Ars Eletronica countdown has begun!