Weird & Inspiring at Ars Electronica!

A few conceptual pieces made me smile. Below is a pic of me with Touchy from Eric Siu. The idea is to ‘force’ meaningful human interaction by making Eric’s shutters/eyes open…and it works! But not saying it’s practical, but that isn’t the point with the project.


Those who know me understand the soft spot I have for lenticular. This lampshade pays respects to the zoetrope.


Bite into this device and it will simulate the kind of food you would have eaten. 


The graph below clearly indicates the parameters for ‘cracker!’


Making fun of Facebook is easy, and Tapebook took it to the next level: purchase an audio recording of Facebook profiles for just under 10 EUR!


From the the top of the OK (Offens Kulturhaus, or “oh kah”) you can bounce around on a massive air mattress. Doesn’t look that impressive, but at about 200 feet off the ground, it is!


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