Lazy DIY: From Fire Escape to ‘Garden’

I recently moved into my new apartment in Bed Stuy and instantly knew how to transform an ugly, unusable fire escape into something playful, functional and maybe even a bit ironic. My skills in craftiness are more conceptual, but this was pretty straightforward and results were as I expected/hoped.

You’ll need a tape measure, utility knife or slightly heavy-duty scissors, cable ties, a cardboard box (to avoid cutting the floor and for a straight edge) and artificial grass. I’m pretty happy with the Pet Zen Garden stuff from Amazon.

It’s pretty easy to cut and I poked holes in the turf, pushed the cable ties through, tightened and snipped the extra length. I used clear ties and suggest you use the same! Have a look at the pics and captions to follow along.

No need to make this seem more complicated than it is, but I’m happy with the results. Will probably add a flower box this week. If you don’t see the irony, we can discuss over a picnic.


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